Office Courtyard

An oasis of calm at the Office Courtyard

The brief

The courtyard had to remain paved and any solution had to be both cost effective and movable. The space needed to offer separate spaces for individual offices to use, whilst also keeping some areas communal. Planting would be the key to softening the overbearing buildings and hard surfaces.

The Solution

With limited light levels, semi-shade tolerant planting was used, we took advantage of varied tones and textural evergreens. Flowering perennials and annuals were also used to lock the scheme together. Two feature multi-stem Prunus angustifolia were used to add height and evergreen structure. We also decided to work vertically on two walls using variegated evergreen ivy on a three metre high stainless steel diamond lattice. Beneath these are two planters with built in seating and more textural planting.

The Feedback

The courtyard space became a further selling point for the newly refurbished offices, which aided in securing new office tenants for the developer. We will also be completing a roof terrace on the same property this Spring for the top floor offices.

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