Hampshire Constabulary Memorial Garden

A memorial garden for those who served with Hampshire Police force

The brief

The brief was to design a memorial garden for Hampshire Constabulary in memory of those who lost their lives during service. The garden would be used by families, the police and for occasional functions so had to be multi-use, whilst still being a calm and restorative space. The new garden also had to be linked to the existing memorial garden which was run down and required regenerating.

Historically Victoria House was a military lunatic asylum in the late 1800s but later became the Hampshire Constabulary Headquarters in the 1980s. The site is rich in history and required a sensitive touch to make the project work.

The Solution

The inspiration of the design came from the Lancaster rose which is the Hampshire Constabulary’s crest. This forms the overall layout of the design and also directly relates to a large red sandstone rose water feature that sits in the centre of the garden.

A pergola covered with scented roses offers sanctuary within the space and looks out over the water feature towards the main house. Bespoke benches and laser cut screens offer high quality detailing to the project. The laser cut screens even have roses worked into their design.

The garden remembers those who have lost their lives within the Constabulary, but also to creates a relaxing space for people to enjoy and immerse themselves in. The idea was not to be sombre, but to offer a small pocket of sanctuary that can be enjoyed however someone may choose.

The garden was built and planted by Scandor, a local commercial landscape contractor, who did a fantastic job of translating the design into reality.

The Feedback

The garden received a grand opening by Hampshire Constabulary with high ranking officers, family members and all involved in the project. This is a garden that will stand the test of time and offer sanctum for family and friends of the Constabulary for years to come.

Press Interest

A police memorial garden to remember

A memorial garden for those who served with Hampshire Police

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