The Working Process

How we work with you

Initial consultation

An initial free consultation to visit the site, get to know each other and assess what design aspects you require. This will enable us to create a fee proposal for these elements and create the design brief that meets your taste and requirements.

Site Survey

Depending on the size and complexity of the site, a professional site survey will be carried out to plot the existing garden & house, mapping features such as trees, levels and notable points. This is essential in creating an accurate base plan to work from.

Concept Design

The initial creative design will be based on your aspirations for the garden paired with our own creative flare. This will consist of a 2D design plan, mood board and 3D visuals if required.

Detailed Design

To take the concept towards reality this element specifies materials, fine tunes the design and provides construction drawings and lighting options.

Planting Design

The part that brings the project to life! Good planting design is key to any garden, even with a simple scheme. These plans will plot and quantify all plants needed for the garden and it will enable us to accurately cost the planting supply and installation.

Tender Pack

The above plans containing all elements and details of the gardens are then packaged together and sent out for contractors to quote from. This will enable like for like quotes and ensure that no details are lost from our design intent.

Planting Installation

We source high quality plants from trusted suppliers and ensure that they are correctly planted, with necessary soil preparation and aftercare, resulting in a much more successful planting scheme.

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