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With frost on the ground and chill in the air it might not feel like time to get stuck into the garden. But if you haven’t already thought about it, now is the time to do it. The economy is still struggling to kick into gear, so budgeting effectively is as crucial as ever. Having your garden completely landscaped can be an expensive process, but it doesn’t have to be if you plan effectively.

It really is possible to achieve your dream, without spending wheelbarrow loads of money or having lots of experience and knowledge.

What will keep costs down and maximise your budget?


If you can, contact a garden designer at the earliest possible moment. There are busy times throughout the year for landscaping works, so by contacting a designer early on it will push you to the front of the queue. For example, Winter is a perfect time to get in touch as the works can be scheduled in to get the garden ready for Summer. This forward planning will ensure everything is prepared in advance and minimises the risk of meeting inflated prices from landscapers when they are busy.


The layout and features of a garden design determines the cost to a point, however material choices can dramatically increase the price of a build. If prices need to be brought down in a project then it is worth opening your mind and exploring alternative materials, such as opting for softwood over hardwood, gravel driveways over block and simply using more economical manufactures.


A recycled galvanised water tank turned planter
A recycled galvanised water tank turned planter

A morally responsible and often quite inventive way to save money is to look at using recycled materials. This could be from something on your site already, or by using local reclamation yards to find interesting items and materials. We recently saved an old galvanised water tank and repurposed it as a planter which was much cheaper than buying a new planter at that size.

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