Greenbook Frequently Asked Questions

Creating beauty out of nature

How do you quote for your work?

Everything starts with a conversation followed by an initial visit where we can share ideas and get to know each other. I have outlined our "process" in a dedicated page which you can navigate to here>>

How long does it take to design my garden?

Never underestimate how long the whole garden design and build process will take. The process can depend on so many variables, for example; quite often the house is being developed at the same time and the design develops with this and is built following completion of the house. Other factors may include planning consent if required.

Depending on our work flow and there being no unusual obstructions - the process can often take a minimum of two months for a full design package, from initial visit to final sign off. The build can then start following this.

The breakdown of time allows for the full design process, with revisions to ensure that we are meeting all of your needs and choosing the right finishes and materials to bring your space to life.

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